Incredible asset becomes a liability

A man is as good as his bank balance. No matter how broader his vision is, he is judged by his worth, financial worth. It is upon him to break the stereotype and jump through societal pressure. For those who question him today would be the ones throwing red petals once he’d achieve his goal. – 30 August 2018 at 6:56PM, Retrieved from Notes


Breaking the ice

My heart was pounding as I pulled the handbrake in front of the burger joint. After gathering some confidence, I called her.

As she appeared, I came out of the car to receive her. She was shining. Shining like a full bright moon. Her hair were falling low all over her body – gleaming – as she approached the car.

“Finally! It is happening,” I uttered in excitement and nervousness as we sat inside the car.

Shyness had engulfed her.

Nervousness, that had been kicked out a while ago, knocked at my door once again. My hand was trembling as I set the destination on Google Maps.

Uneasiness could be felt.

I presented her with a rose as we moved a few kilometres. She accepted it in all her shyness. Smelt it upon my plea and held it in her hands, twisting and turning it ’til we hit our destination. I dropped her request to get out of the car first. She got out first.

I led her toward the coffee shop’s dining area – our destination. We chose a table and sat there. Shyness was still predominating her. I tried to break the ice by asking about her today’s breakfast. As per her response, a cup of milk for breakfast was enough to battle out today’s manoeuvre. Anything more than that could’ve resulted in bloating. Eventually, it could’ve resulted in a blast. A gratuitous, loud blast. She hadn’t slept properly either, thanks to excitement-cum-nervousness.


We talked for about 20 minutes before ordering tea. I knew she won’t eat anything because of that first meet up built hesitancy so I ordered just a walnut brownie for us (it was yum-yum I swear).

We talked. We talked unconditionally. “I talked..” fits here better but she was actively engaged – throwing spiffing remarks. Whenever I joked, she laughed — uncontrollably. Her smile was beautiful every time. She looked gorgeous smiling.

The relaxed ambiance of the place was commendable. It was playing soft English songs. …and oh, I tried to impress her by guessing the singers’ names. Nope, not impressed.. at all! She was smart enough to notice the only camera in that sitting area while I talked. Not to forget the funny names of two restaurants visible from where she was sitting. She was well aware of her surrounding. Anyone entering or leaving the restaurant was in her consciousness; while I was ignorant of that the whole time. So lost in the moment, you know!

We drove around the town, after leaving the restaurant, where I held her hand for the second time. Her hand was warm. Just like her personality. As I held her hand, it talked to me. It passed me a gesture, a message, wanting to be held like that forever.

But… I had to let it go; to be able to hold it again — forever.

..I kissed it twice before my hand moved toward the steering.

It was time to drop her near the varsity. Heart started pounding again. The moment was over. It was all over. I did not want it to end. It ended.

Rightly said, good moments do not last long nor do they come easy.

The moment perished but it left a memory. A memory that will live forever with me in my mind.

Finding My Voice

Cebu South Toastmasters Club Newsblog

by Maricel Urkom by Maricel Urkom

If there is one reason I study and joined Toastmasters is because I really don’t want to be idle. As quoted in the Bible “An idle mind is a dwelling place of evil.” I have realized when I don’t have anything to do, I start to envy people and compare myself to them. Way back in high school, I envied my best friend because she was an eloquent speaker. She could speak English without any signs of nervousness and I hated public speaking. Actually, I never dared to talk in front of my classmates. One night, (because I am a product of night high school) my terrorizing Asian history teacher came into the classroom. She was so angry as she started class with a long sermon because most of us didn’t pass the examination. One ironic situation that ruined my confidence was when she announced that I…

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220KM on Honda CD70

How was your experience?

My experience was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I’m glad I employed this opportune moment despite my friends dissuading me from making this arbitration.

What is the outcome of your road-trip?

In terms of driving, my self-confidence is touching the skies right now. I can estimate the distance of adjoining cities between Gujranwala and Islamabad more effortlessly now. I know the names of many villages and hamlets now, which link to G.T. road, that I used to overlook before.

Comprehensively, the trip was a great morale booster and stamina builder!

Would you recommend it to others?

Totally. If you’re young and energetic; honestly, you should experience it once. Besides relishing the expedition, you can attach this trip to your life achievements.

Trip Guide


  • A tuned motorbike (pretty obvious, eh?)
  • A helmet with a windshield
  • A (mineral) water bottle
  • Original ID card and driving license (though no one checks license on G.T. Road)
  • Original or duplicate vehicle registration certificate (again, no one checks VRC on G.T. Road but still, it’s a good practice to obey road laws)
  • At least 7 liters [1] of petrol depending upon your vehicle’s consumption
  • Fully working brakes (both front and back wheels)
  • Side mirrors (at-least right side mirror)


  • A fully charged smartphone with balance in it
  • A backpack with a pair of spare clothes and a first-aid kit
  • Your favorite snacks


1:06 PM                 Left home (Peoples Colony [2], Gujranwala)

1:21 PM                 Crossed ‘General Bus Stand’ aka Larri Adda Gujranwala

2:03 PM                 Wazirabad

2:15 PM                 Kinara [3], Gujrat

2:38 PM                 Lalamusa

2:49 PM                 Kharian

2:50 PM                 First Stop – Mian Jee Hotel

2:57 PM                 Back on G.T. Road

3:06 PM                 Kharian City

3:21 PM                 Sarai Alamgir

3:31 PM                 Jhelum

3:47 PM                 Dina

4:12 PM                 Sohawa

4:13 PM                 Second Stop – Sohawa

4:37 PM                 Back on G.T. Road

4:53 PM                 Gujar Khan

5:14 PM                 Mandra

5:28 PM                 Rawat

5:32 PM                 Islamabad Highway

5:55 PM                 Khanna Pul

6:08 PM                 Al-Syed Avenue [4], near COMSATS University, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad

Total Riding Time: 4 hours 31 minutes

Break Time: 31 minutes

Conclusively, it took 5 hours and 2 minutes to reach the destination.

Petrol Consumption Stats:

Total Distance: 220km

Total Petrol Consumed: 6.3 liters (approximately)

Average: 34.9kms/litre

Speedometer Readings:

Top speed recorded: 108km/h

Average speed (within city): 55-65km/h

Average speed (outside city): 80-95km/h

Areas with Busy Traffic (rank wise):

  1. Islamabad Highway
  2. Gujranwala City
  3. Rawat City

My Gear:

IMG_4713 copy
Honda CD 70 – 2009

Items Consumed (at a pair of stops respectively):

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Her Dreams Shattered

Opening eyes in a liberal family that conspicuously cares about her likes and dislikes, and values each and every word of hers — she had started building a dream, a very big dream!

Fantasies fabricated by social media and absurdly created ‘soap operas’ of the Indian subcontinent helped her strengthen the core of her fantasyland and make it even bigger! Being the ritzy kind of the twenty-first century, she dreamt to have a ‘partner’ like she had always been watching those operas and impractical movies.

Conversely, she never wanted to get married knowing that the fantasyland she lives in, will be blurred and she would no longer be able to see it clearly again. And why wouldn’t she know that? — She had seen everything on the media and could easily conclude that a married life is nothing but a miserable reality.

She had tried her level best to run from this so-called lifelong relationship because she knew that it’s chasing her and getting nearer to her as she is getting older or rather should I say ‘younger’.

Deep inside, she knew that one day she will lose the race and would no longer be the master of her own desires she had built — since she got exposure to media and society.

With no twist in the story, there came a day when she finally was asked to get ‘committed’ to a person and start a new phase of life, think and behave as a grown girl, and start taking her life seriously.

What…? How could she do that?

How could someone come and ask her to change her lifestyle, her ways of imagination, her desires and the dreams she had built over the past time-period? Alas! She couldn’t do anything except going in accordance with what she was supposed to go. She had to choose this life to maintain the norm of society and make her family proud.

But… who knew?

Her dreams shattered…

She was no longer the owner of her fantasyland. Her life had been changed in the blink of an eye. Her life seemed to be miserable now.
WAIT! The actual story begins from here…

Let’s rewind the story and see how and where exactly the things went wrong.

When she was building her own fantasyland, she was cherished and encouraged by her ménage, thinking that the things would work the same way she thinks they work.

In her early teens, when she barely knew the world outside, she was poisoned by the ‘media’ and her own family allowing her to master the art of fallacy breathing in her own made fantasyland.

But, at the time of acceptance, to enter a new phase of life, deep inside not liking it at all, she never knew she was also betraying and challenging the selection-capabilities of her own creators after the Almighty, her parents — by not idealising them and not fully agreeing what they had chosen for her.

All she could imagine about her future was a hard, demanding and miserable time — but she never knew that her own created imaginations are making her originate those ‘childish’ thoughts that could endanger her future life and she may regret that later.

How would she know the future is going to be as smooth as she wants it to be?

Aand, why would she idealize her own parents’ relationship when she has already seen everything on never-ending-soap-serials?

Why would she feel good to be committed to someone when she knows she can do whatever she wants only when she’s independent?

Those were the questions circulating in her tiny mind generated by the beings of her own created fantasyland.

But in reality, she never knew her future is going to be brighter than her past. She never knew the reality can be more fascinating than the dreams. She never knew the parents are the good mentors than those celebrities in story-less-soap-serials. She never knew chasing dreams can become easier when you have a hand to help you and give you a push to fulfill your dreams.

But who’s going to let her know all this?
Who’s going to correct ‘misconstructions’ of her mind?

Only one thing and that’s …